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How does Hydroelectric power generation works?

There are different ways to generate Electricity like by using fossil fuels such as coal, diesel, gas etc or by using renewable resources like solar radiation, wind energy, water flow etc. Hydroelectric power generation is one of the ways of generating electricity by using flowing water to rotate turbines, which are attached to a rotor powering an alternator.

Types pf turbines

  1. Pelton Turbine

  2. Francis Turbine

Pelton turbine- Pelton turbine is an Impulse machine for which change in static head in rotor is zero. In Pelton turbine only kinetic head changes. It was named after L. A. Pelton

Francis turbine- It is a type of reaction machine in which kinetic head as well as static head changes.

In a Pelton tubine, the water strikes the bucket along the tangent of runner. This turbine is used for high heads.

Main parts of a Pelton Turbine.

  1. Nozzle and flow regulating arrangement

  2. Runner and buckets

  3. Casing

  4. Breaking jet

In Francis turbine the water flows in radial direction. The water may flow radially from outwards to inwards or from inwards to outwards

Main parts of Francis Turbine.

  1. Casing

  2. Guide mechanism

  3. Runner

  4. Draft tube

In next the part we will learn in detail about the working principle of these turbines.

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