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Linux vs Windows in 2022

Windows 10 and Windows 11, both are very famous operating systems running on most of the computers (school, home or office), but Linux or GNU/Linux is also an OS which is mostly used for servers as it is very stable and free. Though Linux nowadays has also become one of the most widely used operating systems on laptops and desktops because it is completely free and open source, requires no license, easier to learn(yes!) and a lot of other benefits.

Should you install Linux ?

If you use your PC for browsing emails, watching YouTube, surfing the web and other normal tasks then you should install linux based operating systems. You can also install several Windows software by using 'Wine' which is like an emulator for windows. There are also different FOSS alternatives of windows software on linux and they are also easier to learn.

and the best part of linux is that it can even run on PCs from a decade ago. You can also try linux before installing in your PC like by using Virtual box to test it in your windows PC or you can also dual boot windows and linux (recommended) where you can try linux in a live medium before installing.

Which Distro should you install?

Linux has distributions or ditros which are based on Debian, Arch, Fedora or OpenSUSE. Ubuntu, mint, zorin etc are some of the best ditros for beginners, based on Debian. Manjaro, Garuda and endeavour are some beginner friendly arch distros (we will learn more about the difference between debian and arch in the next blog).

If you want to learn more about linux then you should go with Arch based distros or if you just want to use your pc normally then go with the debian based distros

If you are tired of windows and want to try something new without spending a ton of money on mac then linux is the way. Most of the softwares now can be used in browsers(like matlab, CAD softwares etc) which just eliminates the need of windows os, plus the security and privacy you get on linux is unmatched, and a lot of other advantages of linux. We will learn how to dual boot linux and windows in the next blog.

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