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The best Linux terminal commands for beginners

Linux terminal is used to access the system commands. In Linux terminal, you can type in the commands to access the system. Linux terminal also allows you to use the arrow keys to move the cursor and the Enter key to execute the command.

There are a lot of great Linux terminal commands for beginners. Here are some of the most important ones:

1. ls -l

  • This command lists the contents of a directory. It includes information like the file size and type.

2. cd

  • This command switches you to the directory you specify.

3. mkdir

  • This command creates a new directory.

4. touch

  • This command updates the timestamp information of a file.

5. mv

  • This command moves a file from one location to another.

6. cat

  • This command prints the contents of a file.

7. grep

  • This command searches for specific text in a file.

8. sed

  • This command edits a text file.

9. echo

  • This command prints the text you type, one line at a time.

10. head

  • This command prints the first 10 lines of a file

These are some of the most widely used terminal commands. There are other commands which are used by advanced users and developers.

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